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Nancy Ross, Founder

Nancy is a US Navy trained clinical laboratory scientist with over 20 years of experience in hospital, reference, and academic laboratory settings.  In a career that spans all aspects of laboratory medicine from lab assistant to lab director, Nancy has always gravitated toward process improvement and excellence.  She is a natural leader, drawing from her hands-on experience to build collaborative relationships between front line staff, management, and other healthcare teams.

Nancy is a sought after laboratory leader, credited with helping laboratories improve their daily operations, inspection results, and regulatory compliance, driving hospital-wide initiatives to achieve these results and to position the laboratory as a key player in the healthcare value chain.  

She leverages her technical expertise, management skills, years of experience, and leadership qualities to foster a team culture that promotes the highest standards.  Laboratory quality is of paramount importance, and Nancy is passionate about not just maintaining laboratory quality, but constantly seeking ways to improve it. This was the inspiration behind creating Improov. 

Graham Mafela, Partner, Chief Operations Officer

Graham Mafela has over 20 years of experience in laboratory medicine and has been providing consulting services since 2012.

Starting out as a technologist in a blood center, he has functioned as Technical Supervisor, Laboratory Manager and Accreditation Inspector. Having been an Accreditation Inspector, Graham mastered the specific regulatory requirements of the States that have additional regulations. His hands-on experience was gained in the research, hospital, and reference labs settings.

Graham brings his wealth of expertise to the benefit of our clients. He is committed to quality patient care, continuous process improvement, workable solutions and ensuring that laboratories are always in an inspection-ready mode.

Graham is highly respected by his peers in the industry. He is ASCP board-registered as a Medical Laboratory Scientist and holds an MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. He is also licensed as a Laboratory Supervisor in the State of Florida.

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